“I hate to see suffering. I hate to see people in need and I feel God gave me a gift and I have to use it responsibly by giving back and I’ll do it until I have pennies left or the good Lord calls me home.” ~ Michael Jackson

The Elephants March, 2015

MJL’s Elephants March project took Michael into the heart of the Savannah as we partnered with the International Elephant Foundation in order to help alleviate the plight of elephants. Michael’s heart for elephants was laid bare when he wrote ‘So the Elephants March’ for his book ‘Dancing the Dream’ and years later, he questioned whether humanity had their trust in his hit ‘Earth Song’. Sadly, since ‘Earth Song’, the poaching of elephants has only increased; so much so that the African elephant in particular is at risk of extinction.

Today, many of these dear creatures do not get the chance to roam as freely as Michael’s beloved elephants did at Neverland. The good news is that the International Elephant Foundation (IEF) has been tirelessly helping elephants and communities to live side by side in harmony for many years. We were thus excited to be afforded a chance to work with them in securing just a few of the necessities needed to continue the phenomenal work they do on a daily basis.

Michael told our Founding Director that his own personal favourite poems in his beautiful book ‘Dancing the Dream’ were ‘Mark of the Ancients’ and ‘Elephants March’. He loved all living creatures, especially elephants, and we have a feeling he would LOVE to see that so many of his admirers helped to secure a safe environment for these dear animals that are increasingly at risk of extinction due to human greed.

With your invaluable help, MJL funded all of this in Michael’s memory:

Zambia – Camera Traps

$1500 (£1000) for 6 camera traps (remotely activated camera that obtains critical data).

Uganda – New Tyres for Vet Vehicle

$1200 (£800) for new tyres for the mobile vet vehicle used in Uganda to treat injured wildlife, primarily removing snares from elephant, giraffe and lion, and treating their injuries.

Zambia – Village Scouts

$1500 (£1000) to fund village scouts, on patrol in Zambia.

Myanmar – Treatment Area Roof

$1200 (£800) to fund a new roof for the elephant treatment area in Myanmar. This now allows elephants in need of treatment to be treated by the veterinarians in all weather conditions.


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