“Every day create your history. Every page you turn, you’re writing your legacy. Every hero dreams of chivalry. Every child should sing together in harmony.” – Michael Jackson, History

Our Impact

2020Everland Malawi Resource CentreMalawiChildren/poverty/educationFUNDING NOWA 2-classroom building for children with special needs, including adjacent bathroom.
2020Back to School in the DRDominican RepublicChildren/povertyON HOLD161 children in the Dominican Republic to receive school supplies and pencil cases
2020Heel Dominican RepublicDominican RepublicChildren/povertyON HOLD30 pairs of shoes in branded bags to be gifted to children in the Dominican Republic.
2019Heel MalawiMalawiChildren/povertyON HOLD100 pairs of shoes in branded bags to be gifted to children in Ngolowindo, Malawi
2018Heel Dominican Republic 2019Dominican RepublicChildren/poverty29.08.19100 pairs of shoes in branded bags gifted to children in the Dominican Republic on Michael’s birthday, together with huge birthday cake.
2018Heel Northampton, UKEnglandPoverty13.04.1920 branded bags full of essential supplies and Easter eggs/cards gifted to the homeless in Northampton, UK, via The Hope Centre.
2018Heel Duluth, USAUSAChildren/poverty201810 branded bags containing socks, toys and supplies gifted to Duluth’s homeless via the Damiano Centre.
2017Gift a Desk – Get a SmileMalawiChildren/poverty/education19.03.18200 children who were previously seated on the classroom floor receive school desks.
2017Heel Sri LankaSri LankaChildren/poverty/healthMay 2017100 pairs of shoes gifted to children at the Sivasakthi Tamil School in the rural district of Galaha, Kandy.
2016Earth Child orchardMalawiChildren/environment/education10.03.17An orchard of fruit trees, planted by children, to benefit the whole community
2016Hospital renovation for children with TBRomaniaChildren/healthApril 2017Fully renovated and refurbished neonatal wards at Marius Nasta Institute of Pneumology hospital in Bucharest.
2016Heel LiberiaLiberiaChildren/poverty/healthApr-May 2016150 pairs of shoes and socks distributed to children in Somo Town and Myers Town.
2015Toys for GaryUSAChildren26.12.15Impoverished children in Gary, Indiana, receive bikes and toys for Christmas.
2015Back to School in Sri LankaSri LankaChildren/education29.12.15235 children receive school essentials bags and supplies in Hatton Gouravila, Central Province
2015Elephants March: roof for vet areaMyanmarAnimals2015Roof for the veterinary treatment area in Myanmar.
2015Elephants March: village scout patrolsZambiaAnimals2015Funding for village scout patrols in Zambia
2015Elephants March : tyres for vet vehicleUgandaAnimals2015Tyres for a much-needed vet vehicle.
2015Elephants March: 6 camera trapsUgandaAnimals20156 camera traps to aid elephants.
2014Ebola driveLiberiaChildren/poverty/health29.08.14129 buckets plus hand soap and sanitizers
2014Everland PreschoolHaitiChildren/poverty/education06.02.15A preschool catering for children in the Christian Village of Nod Dorcilien.
2014PlaygroundHaitiChildren/poverty2014Playground at Everland Haiti Children’s World
2014Water provision, Everland HaitiHaitiChildren/poverty2014Water provision for Everland Haiti Children’s World
2014Solar provision, Everland HaitiHaitiChildren/poverty2014Solar provision for Everland Haiti Children’s World
2014Furnishing Everland HaitiHaitiChildren/poverty2014All furnishings for Everland Haiti rescue home.
2014Haiti sponsorship programHaitiChildren/poverty201827 children sponsored from 2014 to 2018, by 28 individuals, families and/or groups.
2013Pastures of L.O.V.E.USAAnimals14.08.14Dedicated pasture, stall and bench at CCHR, approx 80 miles from Neverland, catering for horses in need.
2013Everland Haiti Rescue HomeHaitiChildren/poverty08.12.13A dedicated rescue home for children and vulnerable young adults.
2012Michael’s AcreEnglandEnvironment07.08.13A dedication bench and an acre of woodland, preserved in Michael’s memory for posterity.
2012Liberia sponsorship programLiberiaChildren/poverty/education201417 children sponsored through school from 2012 to 2014, by 18 individuals or families.
2011Everland LiberiaLiberiaPoverty/health23.11.12Under renovation to become Everland Clinic, 2020.

Impact so far: 30 projects including Everland Malawi, spanning 11 countries around the world

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