“I hate to see suffering. I hate to see people in need and I feel God gave me a gift and I have to use it responsibly by giving back and I’ll do it until I have pennies left or the good Lord calls me home.” ~ Michael Jackson

Rock with You

First launched in 2019, ROCK with YOU is a fun initiative for the whole family, which will bring out your creative side and is suitable for all age groups.

If you have discovered this page because you found a rock:

1. Please take a picture of your find and post to our Facebook page, either as a post or as a private message, letting us know where you found it.

2. Re-hide the rock for someone else to find and let’s see how far it travels!

If you want to participate in painting a rock:

1. Find a rock or stone of your choice – preferably smooth so that it can be painted on easily. You can find nice rocks on the beach, in the countryside, even in your own back garden. Failing that, sometimes garden centres will sell bags of smooth rocks or stones in bulk.

2. Paint your rock in whatever colours and designs you wish. Above, you can see some beautiful examples already painted by our creative and super-talented Trustee Christine and below, you will see many more painted by talented supporters.

3. Nail varnish, acrylic paints, marker pens and sharpies are all good items to use when decorating your rock.

4. Now for the very IMPORTANT bit – on the back of your rock, you should print/write/stick a sticker which says:

Michael Jackson’s Legacy

This will lead finders to this page, so that they too can join this fun adventure.

Here are some beautiful examples of the front and backs of rocks already painted and ready to go! 

That’s it!

Happy painting,



                                  and finding! 

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