“I hate to see suffering. I hate to see people in need and I feel God gave me a gift and I have to use it responsibly by giving back and I’ll do it until I have pennies left or the good Lord calls me home.” ~ Michael Jackson

Testimonials from Partners and Collaborators

The support you have given us has been enormously appreciated by everyone at the charity and especially by the brain tumour patients and their families whose hope for a brighter future for everyone affected by this terrible disease relies on advances in research.

Brain Tumour Research
23 December 2019

Dee! You are always a pleasure to work with. You have been a supporter for us since the beginning, and we appreciate it a TON!  Thanks for all your involvement and support.

Kenton Lee, Founder of The Shoe that Grows

6 March 2019

The adults who received the bags were impressed by the quality and quantity of the items. Staff inform me that there were many statements of ‘wow, that much!’ Similarly, the children greatly appreciated both the bags and the additional books that were provided. I know that the stuffed animals were a big hit. Thank you so much for your partnership with us in this project.

Seth Currier, Executive Director, The Damiano Center

20 February 2019

We passed out the bags in our Community Services program and in our Kids’ Kitchen program. Thank you for your generous donation. Our guest really enjoyed the nice bags you provided as well.

Kyra Gustafson, volunteer co-ordinator, Damiano Center
14 February 2019

It has been a joy to be partners with you in the work in Malawi. God bless you and all your team.

Chris Knott, CEO Starfish Malawi
December 2018

Hi Dee,

It has been a joy to see the orchard project develop with MJL’s support and I trust that when I visit Malawi in April I can update you with more information and photos. I wish you all well at MJL.

Peter Bell, Treasurer, Starfish Malawi
December 2018

Thank you so much for your ongoing support. You are carrying on Michael’s legacy as he would wish.

Mark Aldrich, Fundraiser, Starfish Malawi
December 2018

I wish to say a big thank you for your hard work and continued commitment to ensuring that the legacy for the children and community where the orchard is based will be one truly
representative of Michael.

Mark Aldrich, fundraiser, Starfish Malawi
21 August 2016

If not for donors of your calibre we cannot do what we do daily to uplift the spirits of those in desperate need. May MJL continue to be blessed abundantly.

Kushil Gunasekra, CEO Foundation of Goodness
December 2018

It has been great and inspiring to work with you all. May all of you be blessed with authentic peace and inner happiness to do more and better for the less privileged.

Fazana, Foundation of Goodness
December 2018

Thanking again profusely MJL Foundation for this splendid and remarkable gesture of a kind that helps desperate kids to be equipped with shoes that can be worn in advancing years.

May all of you continue to be blessed abundantly in carrying out more good deeds of this nature and lots of blessings for your well-being and happiness.

Doing the best for everyone makes you experience the best for yourself.

Kushil Gunasekra, CEO Foundation of Goodness
14 June 2018

We graciously acknowledge your donation of Rs 753,533.41 which will help us reach out to rural disadvantaged villagers in distress, in order to help them build better lives.

Anusha Perera, Foundation of Goodness
4 November 2015

We love you guys, your work, your message, and most of all your energy. We wish you all the best for continued growth and happiness in 2019! Hopefully we will come up with more ways to work together in the future.

Sarah Conley, International Elephant Foundation
December 2018

We’re delighted to know that you are enjoying your dedication within Hucking Estate. It’s only because of your wonderful support that we’re able to achieve our goals and ensure our beautiful woodlands continue to grow.

Sabah, The Woodland Trust
December 2018

We have enjoyed working with MJL, and we are excited to work with you again! Let me say on behalf of myself and Because International – we love what MJL is doing in the world for children.

Kenton Lee, Because International
16 January 2017

Thank you so much for looking after us and giving us your help, your joy and blessings. May God bless your efforts.”

Luminita Ciovica, CEO Asociatia Faborisa, Romania

4 August 2016

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