“Who am I to be blind, pretending not to see their needs?” – Michael Jackson, Man in the Mirror

Make That Change!

What is this all about?

The words ‘Make that Change’ are taken from Michael Jackson’s classic 1988 song ‘Man in the Mirror’ which states ‘if you want to make the world a better place, take a look at yourself and make a change.’ When he would perform the song on stage, the star would often end the song with the words ‘Make that Change’, a plea – his plea – to an ailing world.

Make that Change is all about spreading kindness in order to heal the world.  It was Michael Jackson’s mission to help heal the world through love and giving and the song’s profound message was that each of us can indeed change the world through looking inward at ourselves and what positive we can do, rather than looking outward and seeing the negative in others.

Michael lived his life through love and kindness, in spite of his incomprehensible struggles. We may not be able to change others but we can change ourselves from within, and in doing so we begin to make small changes in the world around us. Like ripples we can create a wave and that wave can HEAL THE WORLD. Just one initial act of giving could literally lead to a million acts of kindness!

As we willingly share kindness with others, irrespective of their views, outlook, background, circumstances or heritage, we make ourselves receptive to universal love of a kind Michael Jackson knew was possible.

What a tremendous responsibility each of us has. And we can begin this task – TODAY. When we reach out to others with love – even when that love is not accepted or reciprocated – we begin to heal ourselves, and the world around us. It begins with YOU!

So, what do I do with this card?

One of the best ways to use your Make that Change card is to leave it in an envelope with a small amount of money (say a five pound note (GBP), or a five dollar note (USD), with a message on the front of the envelope indicating that the money inside is for the finder, and they are to use it as they wish. For example: “Inside is a gift of £5 (or $5, or a note in your own currency) for you to enjoy as you wish.”

Do not wait to see if anyone finds it, or who picks it up. Michael Jackson, ever aware of his Bible and Matthew 6:4, rarely notified the media of his charitable acts and his philanthropy was often undertaken in private.

The individual who finds the money and the card, knowing that it was a deliberate random act of kindness from someone they do not know, will hopefully be grateful. It could change a bad day, it could change a life. It could save a life.

Each random act of kindness and card given also has the capacity to influence the card receiver’s concept of Michael. To reach out to others and to share the love that we as divine beings have been given to share was Michael’s enduring message; a message that has become our mission.

I love this! Can I get more cards?

Make that Change cards are available in packs of ten from our shop. Only a nominal fee for printing, packing and postage is charged.


  • Leave an envelope with a small amount of money and a Make that Change card in a public place for a random stranger to find. Make that Change – and make their day!
  • Help someone in difficulty, perhaps an elderly, overwhelmed or overloaded person trying to cross the street or get on/off public transport. Before leaving, give them a card.
  • Give a card and some food/clothing/spare change/time to a destitute stranger or person who you know is financially struggling and in need of help. Don’t forget that sometimes all that a person may need is to be listened to and treated like a human being, with or without money.
  • Share your skills, talents, time or knowledge with someone who may benefit. Instead of expecting something in return as may be usual, just embrace the satisfaction in knowing that you have helped another person unconditionally.
  • Pay for the drink, petrol/gas or groceries of the person in front or behind you in the queue. As you are leaving, give them a card.

Other ways YOU can help MAKE THAT CHANGE!

  • You can speak kindly to others or offer words of inspiration or encouragement. This doesn’t cost anything. Words have the power to transform the world if used with care and purpose.
  • Make someone feel loved or worthy, help someone if they are lonely, or perhaps in the background at an event or social occasion.
  • Smile at a stranger. You may not receive a response, but don’t let that stop you from doing so. Smiling can be contagious. Use it as a weapon against the negativity and unhappiness that is sometimes overwhelming around us.
  • Don’t forget our non-human inhabitants of this planet… you cannot obviously share a card with them but take time to put food and water out for your wild birds and wildlife, especially during the colder months.

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