“I try to be kind and generous and to give to people and to do what I think God wants me to do. Sometimes I pray and say “where do you want me to go next, God? What do you want me to do from here?” – Michael Jackson


MJL’s yearly JAM Jar initiative, gives you an opportunity to raise funds and to get creative!

 MJL’s JAM Jar initiative is named after Michael Jackson’s hit single ‘Jam’, which was released on 13 July 1992 as the fourth single from his groundbreaking Dangerous album.

Now, you can make a difference in Michael’s memory by simply collecting your spare change in your very own JAM Jar! The project begins and ends in July each year, but you can find – and decorate, if you wish – a jar at any time of the year. We even have stickers in our shop if you are stuck for ideas.

On 13 July each year, everyone participating will empty their jars, count their spare change and submit the total – via Paypal or bank transfer – to MJL by 31st July latest. Then, we start all over again!

Here are some of our favourite JAM Jars you amazing people have sent in over the years. Take a look – maybe yours is one of them, or maybe they will inspire you to join us on this journey…

2020 JAM Jars

2019 JAM Jars

2018 JAM Jars

2017 JAM Jars

2016 JAM Jars

2015 JAM Jars

2014 JAM Jars

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