“We have to heal our wounded world. The chaos, despair, and senseless destruction we see today are a result of the alienation that people feel from each other and their environment.” – Michael Jackson

Heel the World – in Michael’s Memory

Bring much-needed joy and relief to feet from all corners of the globe through MJL’s Heel the World initiative. 

After seven successful years and the collective completion of 20 life-changing projects around the globe, including the alleviation of poverty, the enabling of education in some of the world’s poorest countries, the protection of the natural environment, and the provision of a better life for animals in need, MJL is now encouraging willing hands to join generous hearts in taking Michael’s message even further around the globe.

Utilising the talented hands and loving heart of our formidable artist Siren, we have hundreds of beautifully-customised drawstring bags all made up, ripe and ready to be placed into the right hands, be that into outstretched little hands in the developing world, anxious little hands in the world’s hospitals, or into the weary hands of the homeless. Indeed, wherever there is need, there is a potential for these bags – brimming with Michael’s inspiration – to make a huge difference.

Each bag will either contain a pair of special shoes, or other supplies dependent on where the distribution will take place, and the recipients’ particular needs. In all cases, each of the bags will contain something ‘foot’ related, hence the play on ‘Heel’ in ‘Heel the World’.

All donations, however small, will help pay for a branded bag replete with a pair of growing shoes [or various other supplies] to be brought and transported from factory into the hands and onto the feet of those in most need around the globe. In effect, approximately every £20 GBP ($26 USD) will pay for the cost, transportation and distribution of one uniquely branded bag replete with one pair of growing shoes or brimming with other invaluable supplies.

This is a huge opportunity for you to be a part of a life-changing initiative. Help a needy child escape the cycle of poverty or illness, or help an adult feel as though someone cares. By sponsoring just one bag, you will be lighting up the future of a fellow human being in Michael’s name and through his precious lifelong example.

Any amount given will be graciously received and – if less than the cost of a full bag – will be put towards the collective whole. To donate, please send whatever you are able via Paypal to hello@michaeljacksonslegacy.org, and let’s take Michael’s heart around the world!

Above: Shoes that ‘grow’ five sizes in five years, the brainchild of Kenton Lee at Because International, will be put into bags for children in need. Other bags – depending on need and area of the world, may contain gloves, scarves, ponchos, toiletries, toys, and always something foot related. The list is endless and each will depend on needs gleaned from the distributing individuals or organisation.

For prospective distributors (our ‘shoesagents’)

If you are traveling to a destination in need or have experience in distributing to those in poverty,  in hospital or homeless, we would love to hear from you if you feel you can do a distribution. Do feel free to contact us, and, if your application is accepted, your expenses to get to the point of distribution – within reason – will be met, and along with the bags and contents, those of you distributing will receive a beautiful free adjustable cap as seen below. You will also have access to the exclusive branding so that you can print onto a red t-shirt of your own for the distribution, should you wish.

Above: red caps for our ‘shoesagents’, once again kindly donated by everythingbranded.co.uk.

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