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With your help, we are meeting the needs of children in Haiti through enabling stability, love, and education. 

Haiti is a troubled place, the divide between rich and poor is great, and in the many poorer parts, due to lack of education or rape, very young girls are getting pregnant only to abandon them at the nearest hospital, or they throw them into the garbage. The partnership MJL has formed with the Haitian Leadership Foundation will ensure a safe and warm home for these otherwise neglected babies, and will enable appropriate education of troubled youngsters in order to prevent further spiralling problems which affect an entire society. 



Everland Rescue Home is a live-in home that provides care (including medical care), sustenance (three meals per day) and love to Haiti's many orphaned babies and children. The home, which can house up to 20 children, will take in true orphans (as opposed to those with guardians or a parent still alive) between the ages of birth to 2 years old, although staff will make exceptions should special cases arise. Once accepted, the children will remain in the home for as long as is necessary - most usually until they have progressed through the education system and onto boarding school. The running of the home, including food and staff salaries, is sustained through the on-site bakery and - where a child is being sponsored - through child sponsorship monies. 

Everland Haiti is situated in the Christian Village of Nod Dorcilien in Mirbalais. The total cost of the earthquake-proof building was $20,500 USD.

A staff of five women and a nurse will be employed with help from the Ministry of Social Affairs, with whom the Haitian Leadership Foundation have a good rapport. A wonderful lady called Gladys and her husband, the Bishop, will head up the project out there and ensure that it is a success on the ground. Between them, they have years of experience in helping destitute children. Gladys herself lived in the Congo for 20 years - no mean feat - before spending another 16 years doing humanitarian work in Haiti. They are now committed to building a village for at least 400 people, of which Everland Haiti will be an invaluable part. 


1. Legal fees                                                                          $500    (£333)       COMPLETED in three days!
2. Foundations including labour                                         $5800 (£3867)     COMPLETED
3. Blocks laid and plastered, including labour                  $5800 (£3867)      COMPLETED
4. Electrics, plumbing, doors, windows, paint, labour      $4700 (£3133)     COMPLETED
5. Double roofing and finishing, including labour             $3700 (£2467)     COMPLETED

We would like to thank our Honorary Ambassador,Dr Patrick Treacy, for helping us to find the perfect location, perfect people, and another desperately-needed project. We knew, of course, that Michael's faithful would once again step up the mark and do his legacy proud. Let's heal this world together and keep Michael's light shining brightly into the future.  If not us, whose hearts have been touched so profoundly by his life, then who?



Everland Preschool is a desperately needed learning facility for children living in the Haitian village of Nod Dorcillien. Many such children are without any means of day care or educational provision. This preschool will provide much needed day time education to 75-100 children between the ages of 3-5 inclusive, at any given time. Older children will depart for the regular primary school, also in the locality.

Staff salaries (teacher, maid, cook, overseers Mr and Mrs Pastor Paul), building maintenance and school fees all have to be figured into ongoing needs. Parents and guardians that can afford to pay a sum towards the children's day time education at the preschool will do so. For poorer families, the money made from the resident bakery together with sponsorship monies - should a child be sponsored - will make up any difference. Everland Preschool will not only facilitate in educating the children in the village, but it will be committed to educating as many children as possible, regardless of means or ability. All children using the centre will also receive breakfast.




A guest room on site can be provided for up to 4 people. By staying on site, you will discover the beauty in living a simple life, you will enjoy the taste of Haitian cuisine, and you will truly make the most of your visit. Daily living expenses of around 50 dollars per day would be sufficient enough to enable your hosts to provide food and all that is necessary to make your stay comfortable and enjoyable. Alternatively, guests can opt to enjoy the facilities of a hotel room not far from the village for an approximate cost of 115 USD per night if preferred.

 What should I take with me? 

If you have any teaching material or sporting equipment, do take it. The children and the adults are eager and willing to learn. Different types of nuts, dry food, and cereal bars are all suggestions on what might be carried in case you are not able to adapt to the local food. And of course, mosquito protection spray and good walking shoes are a must.

 Important information on customs and culture

To avoid any embarrassment for either guest or host, it is important that guests respect and abide by the customs and expectations at Nod Dorcilien Christian Village. French and Creole are both spoken in Haiti but your hosts are well-versed at communicating in English, too. The village is very traditional and because it is a ministry, there is a dress code and some general things to note so that you are fully aware of what to expect. For example, regardless of the weather, it is prohibited for men – and of course women - in the village to go topless in public. Likewise, for women, hot pants and any skimpy attire should not be worn. Dresses, trousers/pants, long shorts and t-shirts are fine. And absolutely no alcohol or cigarettes are allowed on site.

  What kind of practical help is needed?

 While everyone will be made welcome, those who have gifted towards Everland Haiti Children’s World and made it a reality will be especially welcome visitors. Likewise, students, professionals and indeed anyone who can share a little of the culture and traditions of other countries are especially sought.

Teachers of English from kindergarten to primary-school level, who would be happy to teach the children and young people in the village, would be a real asset, even if only for a short time.

The children enjoy learning new games and they are open to practicing various sports such as baseball, basketball, and volleyball. And yes – there are eager to learn all the rules!


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