Michael's Pastures of L.O.V.E.

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Michael's Pastures of L.O.V.E. project is bringing hope and healing to ill, neglected or otherwise needy horses.

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Everland Haiti Children's World

Everland Haiti

With your help, we are meeting the needs of children in Haiti through enabling stability, love, and education. 

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Sponsor a Child


Sponsor a child

Child sponsorship is one of the best ways of supporting the children in the developing world. When you decide to sponsor a child, you are helping to rescue a vulnerable child from destitution and restoring hope into an otherwise hopeless situation.

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Michael's Acre

Michaels Acre

A woodland acre grove together with a bench in Michael’s memory has given fans and friends of the beloved late humanitarian star the chance to leave a personal tribute whilst at the same time ensuring that his love of trees, his concern for the nature and the planet, and his song lyrics pleading for us to take care of the environment were not in vain.

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Everland Liberia




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