Meet the Team


This page is simply here to show you that there is a dedicated and accountable team behind all that we do.  However, there would be no MJL if it wasn’t for our incredible supporters, since we cannot fulfill any of these projects alone.

Without unity in heart and in spirit, we achieve very little, but Michael’s message and commitment to a better world encourages all of us to ‘make that change’ both within and outside of ourselves.  Join us and enjoy being part of a community of volunteers who are committed to making a positive change in the world in which we live.  Whether you can offer help through donations, fundraising, sponsorship, prayer, practical help or something entirely different, we would love to hear from you.



David Nordahl, USA

David Nordahl copy

 We are incredibly humbled and honoured to have hugely accomplished artist David Nordahl on board as an Honorary Ambassador. Born in 1941, David has a lifetime of professional work and commissions under his belt, but in spite of his rare ability to captivate viewers through a glorious injection of magic, wonder and innocence, even he was surprised to receive a late-night phone call from Michael Jackson. Michael – having been enchanted by an Apache piece he’d seen in Steven Spielberg’s office – initially wanted art lessons, but the pair quickly bonded which led to a creative collaboration and friendship which lasted from 1988 to 2009.

 Thousands of painstakingly detailed drawings and around a dozen large-scale commissions later, David Nordahl is one of very few artists that can boast of having had his work displayed prominently in Michael’s home. But boasting is not something that would cross the humble artist’s mind. In fact, it was his humble nature, combined with their mutual appreciation of art and a shared experience of traumatic childhoods that cemented a lifelong friendship between artist and superstar that would prove as beautiful as the artwork that adorned Michael’s home and brought so much joy to all fortunate enough to lose themselves in its wonder.


Dr Patrick Treacy, Ireland

Patrick Treacy

Dr Patrick Treacy is the founder and Medical Director of the Ailesbury Clinics Ltd and practices as a Cosmetic Dermatologist in Dublin, Cork, Dubai and London. He has travelled to no less than 100 countries, and has worked as a doctor in places as far afield as Iraq and New Zealand. Dr Treacy’s accomplishments in the fields of both medicine and journalism are so prolific that it would be impossible to detail them all here, but you can read more of his exceptional life, achievements and experiences via:


In addition to accomplishments that most wouldn’t achieve in many lifetimes, and alongside having been a blessing to so many needy people abroad through his humanitarian work around the globe, Dr Treacy was also a source of comfort and friendship in the life of Michael Jackson, having been not just his dermatologist, but a true and trusted confidant. Dr Treacy’s support of his late client is exemplified in media interviews whereby he speaks eloquently and fondly about his friendship with the star, detailing Mr Jackson’s humanitarian accomplishments and what was his lifelong desire for a better world in a way that is poignant and powerful. Dr Treacy’s lasting friendship with Michael Jackson is not surprising, considering both shared a sincere and deep desire to help and support those in need and found a mutual passion in striving towards a better world through using their respective fields of accomplishment.





Dee – Founding Director & Chair, UK

Dee baby

Orphaned at the age of six, Dee credits Michael and the Creator for getting her through a traumatic childhood and later, for instilling in her a commitment and dedication to helping those less fortunate. Subsequently armed with a degree in psychology and journalism, Dee's desire to help others led her to a career as a freelance writer with a specialism in writing uplifting real-life features to inspire, educate and encourage others to be the best that they can be in spite of all obstacles. In 2011, she founded MJL in order to help continue Michael's legacy of love.


Jude - Secretary, USA


The gift of three decades spent with small children in the classroom provided Jude with a clear picture into childlike innocence.  It also offered many opportunities to find her voice in writing.  Believing in the legend that once in your lifetime something big happens and changes your whole life forever, after which your journey will never be the same…she credits Michael Jackson in defining the truths in that legend.  Paying Michael forward has become her daily mission, adopting his mantra:  What do you need and how can I help?  Joining MJL has given Jude the opportunity to honour and continue Michael’s legacy of love and care for the children of the world; a mission which she accomplishes so beautifully with every task at hand. You can see Jude's beautiful blog, 'Chosen Voices', here.


Lisa - Treasurer, Social Media Admin, Graphic Design, UK

Lisa baby

Born in London and having grown up in Northampton, UK, Lisa has been dedicated to Michael Jackson - who she describes as her role model and inspiration - since the age of 5, and credits him for helping her through many tough times, from childhood to the present day. With Michael as her role model, Lisa continues to spread love wherever she goes. She says there's nothing better than helping others and making them smile and she does this in abundance, whether through her much-loved job as a carer for the elderly, or through bringing smiles to countless children around the globe via MJL. When Lisa isn't working, she enjoys reading, baking and walking in nature with her beloved husband and cherished dog, sometimes taking photos along the way. Lisa graduated in 2015 with a professional photography diploma, and loves to view life through her lens, capturing as many memories as she can for posterity.


Christine - Arts & Crafts, Facebook Admin, Sweden

 Baby Christine

 Christine lives in the South of Sweden, just five minutes by car to the ocean. She is happily married with two beautiful daughters and four adorable grandbabies.

Christine is a happy person who brings joy and light wherever she goes through her positive attitude and caring nature.  Unsurprising then, that her lifelong career involved caring for people and bringing some light to those less fortunate. For 43 years, Christine worked at a hospital, first as a second nurse at an ICU department and then, when she was no longer able to work with patients due to psoritic arthritis, she took care of the computers and computer programs. "I loved my job and I loved to help and make things better. I am now retired and can enjoy life to the fullest." she says.

A creative person, Christine is forever looking for new ways to express her love and admiration for a man she says has always been a big inspiration. One way she does this is through her beautiful “Global MJ Sunflower Garden” which includes up to 1000 sunflowers of different heights, colors and shapes. Through her tender loving care and via seeds sent by fans from all over the world, her “Garden of LOVE” comes to life each year as an expression of her boundless love and respect for Michael and to provide inspiration, comfort and strength to those who need it.




Siren – Artist, USA


 Siren joined our team in 2017 as a hugely accomplished yet incredibly humble artist whose work oozes with a passion for Michael that simply cannot be contained. Her stunning artwork is achieved through pure dedication to capturing Michael's loving spirit and tender nature, and provides a glimpse into the heart of both Michael and the artist whose art - and heart - we are truly blessed to have on board. You can learn more about Siren's mission to share Michael's message of universal love here.




Maman Bishop – Project Overseer, Everland Haiti

Maman Bishop

Gladys St. Lot Dorcilien was born in Haiti but left at the tender age of 12 to join her biological parents in New York City, USA. Her parents had left her for the bright lights of the City when she was just a baby, and she had hoped - in vain - that she would find the love and affection that most children take for granted through this reunion. However, it wasn't meant to be, and in 1976, she took her disappointments in the past and her hopes for the future, and travelled to the Congo where, that same year, she founded the Every Day and Business English School (EBES), a school teaching English to French-speaking natives. The girls attending this professional school were mainly uneducated mothers.

Later EBES branched out considerably, incorporating a kindergarten, primary school, beauty school and sewing school. While learning, the students' children would attend a specially built kindergarten. The ladies were taught to read and write, to care for their children and ultimately, to find employment. On graduation, they would see the school's beauty products or set up a beauty establishment of their own. The beauty school was the first school of beauty in Central Africa.   By 1994, EBES was one of the most talked about businesses in Central Africa. In fact, it was the first of its kind, and all such schools of beauty in the Central Africa are now descended from this model.

By 1986, EBES had launched its own hair products onto the market. Such products were so successful that the company's profits soared. However, Gladys' large heart was bigger than her desire for material wealth, and in spite of such success, her life felt empty. Aged 42, she handed the business over to her son and returned to her homeland of Haiti for the first time since childhood, sacrificing it all for a frugal life with no running water, no electricity and certainly no places of leisure. Here, she married a Bishop.

Maman Bishop knew that Haiti needed her skills and expertise more than was needed in the Congo or the USA and thus, together with help from her equally hard working husband; she set to transforming the Christian Village of Nod Dorcilien into a place of hope for a once devastated community. Everland Children's World is a part of that vision.